Thanksgiving wishes….

Last week, I was reading to one of my daycare groups.  I had chosen a Thanksgiving themed book to read.  It was about cats making and eating Thanksgiving foods… pies, corn, etc — it ended with the cats and kittens snoozing with very full bellies.  True to life… we are supposed to have full bellies at Thanksgiving aren’t we?    As cliched as it may sound, it did remind me to be thankful that I will get the opportunity to have a very full belly at Thanksgiving, and really each and every day.  I do wage an almost daily battle with  my children, my youngest in particular, about eating what I have cooked, just trying one bite of a new food, and eating a vegetable…  too many cravings for goldfish crackers, cheese puffs and a sweet treat!   I am not always certain on how to impress the importance of gratitude of food to my children….  just lead by example, and continue to offer the food….

I am so grateful for many necessities that I am blessed to have, and the luxuries that aren’t necessary…  my family and friends…. 

I am grateful for the feel of clean sheets, for the smell of bubbles in my children’s baths, the tail wiggling our pup gives me every single time I open the garage door and see her, the faces of the children I read to when I am reading an excellent book that captivates them, and I am grateful for the looks of love and thanksgiving my husband gives me every day. 

I will work on being grateful for the pleas for goldfish crackers and treats….  in hopes that my children will learn to be grateful for the goldfish crackers and treats.


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