Story time ……

This morning I read stories at two local daycares where both story times are held downstairs in the daycare moms’ basements.  I absolutely love coming down the stairs and seeing the excitement in the children’s faces.  I hear “Hi, Kwis”… “Hi, Kris the Reader!”….  “How many books are you going to read today?”   

I am glad that the children are enjoying the books I have chosen to read, and I am always delighted when they laugh at the right spots, or are so interested in the book, they are a bit sad when the last page is read, or when they recite any repetitive phrases in the prose in the right places of the story.   But, I am so proud of the boost in their literacy I am able to be a part of — the many words they are hearing, maybe some for the first time. 

As I have read for several months now, the children are used to me, and sit so politely during our time together — although, during these crazy cold MN winter days, some wiggles are bound to occur.   More often than not, a small hand will come to rest on my knee as I read, as the child gets a bit closer to the book, feels comfortable with me — how great is that???