book review: Gecko on the Wall

Gecko on the Wall
By: Danielle Bruckert
Published by:  Red Sky Ventures
Date:  2010
ID:  8702089
Price:  available for free online
Ages: preschool
Rating:  4 stars
Reviewed by:   Kris Quinn Christopherson
Synopsis:  An encounter with geckos on the
wall, each with a different personality. Which one will the narrator enjoy more?
Overall thoughts:   A simple but delightful
book with colorful illustrations.  This wonderfully rhyming story
allows the reader to take pleasure in seeing each gecko in a fun setting. Smiles
will no doubt occur when reading about these fun geckos.

book review: Bugs by Numbers

Book Review: Bugs by Numbers

Bugs by Numbers
By: Danielle Bruckert
Published by: Red Sky Ventures Date: 2010 ID: 9290679
Price: available for free online
Ages: preschool
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Kris Quinn Christopherson

Synopsis: A counting adventure filled with bugs. Children are encouraged to count the number of bugs in the first page before turning the second page, where each bug is numbered and the numeral displayed.

Overall thoughts: Young children always enjoy counting books, and this book will be no exception. With repetition and bugs as the subject matter, children will be eager to find the bugs, count them, and check their answers!